ALTERNACTIVA – Action for Social Emancipation was founded in 2018 and legally registered in 2021, with registration number: (101639398).

We are a non-profit organization, governed by private law, non-partisan, independent, with administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy.

We are an academic-activist organization, created by a group of Mozambicans with an interest in promoting and defending progressive ideals for a society with social justice. We work closely with popular and strategic grassroots movements and formations in the land, environment, work and gender sectors. Our method of action is popular education for social change.

We believe that popular education, and activism in general, is best done based on differentiated research and analysis. Therefore, one of the components of our method is participatory and action-oriented research. In our opinion, there should be no distinction between academic and intellectual work and activism.
Our theory of action includes three interrelated components: 1) action research; 2) popular education; 3) campaigns and movement building.