Edgar Manuel Barroso

Vice President

He is a PhD student in International Relations at the Institute of Social Studies at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University and a Master in African Studies with a Specialization in Education and Development, at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Porto. in 2013 he was named Best Writer in “Women and Political Participation”, by Gender Links-Southern Africa.

Eliana Patrice Domingos N’Zualo


She is a storyteller from Mozambique, based in Maputo and currently working independently. Through her work, she explores themes such as Women, Feminism, Africa and History/Politics. She was one of the speakers at TEDxMaputo 2017. In 2019, she was part of the anthology “Negras de Cá, Negras de Lá”, published in Brazil by Colectivo Raízes. She has also explored audiovisual, such as the work “Margens” (2019) and “Love letters for badly behaved girls” (2021). Eliana is also a feminist, passionate about cats and words: how words stretch and shrink; how they betray us, how they run away from us and how they are part of who we are – a little like cats